Vision Electric Super Conductors GmbH

Superconductors are a key technology for high- and ultra-high-current engineering with main application areas in manufacturing industry, electric power industry, propulsion technology, and high-energy physics.

Vision Electric Super Conductors (VESC) is the leading specialist for superconducting high-current busbars. Our core competencies are in safe and loss-free transmission of currents with ampacities ranging from some ten kiloamperes to several hundred kiloamperes.

The company was founded by internationally recognized experts on high-current and superconductor technology.

Our superconducting busbars are complementary to conventional high-current engineering. They afford technical and economical advantages if busbar applications must meet special requirements with regard to efficiency, space-saving design, environmental compatibility, and emissions.

Building on decades of experience in high-current busbar engineering and construction we can provide system designs for such extraordinary demands. Please contact us to discuss the specific challenges of your project.