Who we are

pioneers in electric power

Our Vision is to bring the electrification of the world to a higher and significantly more efficient level by building superconducting power transmission systems.

Superconductors contribute to a sustainable environment and to a better future for coming generations by eliminating energy waste in the distribution of electricity.

For over two decades of the 20th century Wolfgang Reiser and his team manufactured high current busbar systems. The most outstanding accomplishment in those years was the supply of the watercooled aluminium busbar system for DESY, Hamburg, the largest collider in Germany.

In 2000 Wolfgang Reiser and his partners launched their own company group close to Kaiserslautern, a city in the western part of Germany achieving a turnover of 3 mio. € within the first year. The company group made tremendous progress winning industry customers worldwide with their high quality and outstanding service in engineering, producing and installing copper and aluminium busbar systems and components. In 2012 Wolfgang Reiser and his partner Kurt Mutter sold the whole group which has grown to a turnover of 55 mio € and 250 employees.

Within this time Wolfgang Reiser recognized the potential of superconductors for industrial high current applications and founded Vision Electric Super Conductors in 2014. He was joined by his fellows from his former companies as well as recognized experts for superconductors and cryogenic technology. The Team started to develop superconducting systems for industry.

Now a new chapter has begun. We have developed and installed the worldwide first modular superconducting busbar and we are taking the next steps into commercialisation and development of this unique technology.

If you are a pioneer like we are, we welcome you to join us on this exciting path.

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What we do for you

deliver turnkey systems

We develop and implement superconductor technology for industrial applications and enable our customers to transmit highest currents with zero losses. Our worldwide unique systems allow highest efficiency, handling and a significant reduction of CO2.

Regarding high currents we are your partner. Vision Electric Super Conductors is a systems integrator for turnkey systems and worldwide site experience. We provide superconducting as well as copper and aluminium based busbars, cables and single system components and carry out the engineering entirely for your project. Thereby contributing to an intact environment worth for our children to live in.

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