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Looking at ideas, evaluating possibilities and then building a unique turnkey superconducting system. That is what we do and what we love. Please take a look at our former and current projects. Here you will find all information about our work. If you would like to know more or miss something, please contact us.

3S -The worldwide first modular superconducting busbar

Installation in a chlorine electrolysis at BASF SE

Superconductors offer practically loss-free transmission of large quantities of electric power. Together with our partners Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), adn the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK), we have developed the worldwide first superconducting modular busbar system for commercial applications.

This demonstrator with a current rating of 20 kA and a length of 25 meters has shown the possibilities of superconductors in a chlorine electrolysis. Considering all aspects like space, safety, CO2 or operating costs, superdonducting busbars have big advantages for many industrial applications that require high currents. The project was government-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy through Projektträger Jülich and is still in place and continuously revised.

DEMO200 - 200kA for highest demands

Installation in an aluminium smelter at Trimet SE

Based on the knowledge and experience gained through previous projects we are now developing a 200 kA superconducting busbar togehter with our partners: Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology, Messer Group, Theva and Deutsche Nanoschicht.

The task is to develop a modular current lead with 200.000 A and busbar system consisting of busbar elements with modular conductor structure interface between current lead and busbar system. In addition we try to implement a completely new LN2 cooling design.

The result is a demonstrator that will be integrated into an aluminium smelter at Trimet SE in Voerde and that will show the capability of superconductors for highest current applications. With the gathered knowledge we will be able to offer scaled-up solutions for every high current application in the industry.
This project is co-financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. For more information and updates on the project visit the DEMO200 homepage.