Distribution Grids

ICE®CABLE for Distribution Grids

Modernizing the infrastructure of electric power distribution presents grid operators with substantial challenges. In Germany alone, 135,000 kilometers of new high- and medium-voltage lines must be built until 2030 according to estimates by German Energy Agency while another 20,000 kilometers need retrofitting. In urban agglomeration areas, distribution grids want ongoing development due to mounting electric loads. In rural areas distribution grids need to be re-built to higher capacities that will permit feeding-in and utilizing renewable power more effectively.

Superconductor-based ICE®CABLE technology can facilitate distribution grid modernization and expansion. ICE®CABLE systems enable

  • medium voltage bulk power transmission loss free (DC) or highly efficient (AC)
  • underground long-distance transmission loss-free (DC) or highly efficient (AC)
  • cross-financing of modernization projects by sales of inner-city properties formerly engaged by high-voltage installations and substations
  • easy cable route planning and excavation: ICE®CABLE routes require up to 90 percent less space than conventional cable routes
  • easy cable routing and less construction effort with a flexible modular system: no bending radius considerations, no cable drum logistics
  • easy retrofitting in existing cable vaults due to the compact system dimensions
  • easy installation in congested cable vault environments: minimal space requirement, zero heat load, no external electromagnetic fields (depending on design)
  • good environmental compliance: minimal land consumption, no soil desiccation

ICE®CABLE systems are commendably easy-to-install with excavation and construction work greatly reduced compared to both conventional and superconductor cables. Please call us to discuss your reference project.