Company goal

Sustainable and Economical
The use of new energy sources requires innovative power grid technology: Wind and Solar farms produce DC power; electric power storage devices are DC based, many large-scale industrial processes are DC powered and DC also feeds all computer and IT systems. Superconducting DC busbars by VESC link up electric power production and electric power consumers.

We develop material and energy efficient superconductor power transmission systems and install them all over the world. Our products are conductive to designing economic processes for resource economy and climate compatibility. Superconducting ICE®busbars enable meeting a wide range of technological challenges including better economy of energy-intensive productions, environmentally sound power grid refurbishment, and e-mobility.

For commercial success, new efficiency technologies must bring about economic gains. Our superconducting ICE® busbars already reduce capital expenditure and operational expenses in demanding fields of application if compared to conventional systems. And the growth of industrial superconductor production affords economies of scale that will help us to access further areas deployment

It is evident that economy and sustainability are complementary.