Project Engineering and Development
Superconducting busbars by Vision Electric Super Conductors (VESC) are most energy efficient and lightweight systems with a minimal floorspace requirement. They enable innovative and highly economic solutions. The standardized ICE®BAR modules are designed for easy implementation in diverse plant environments affording technical and constructional cost economy. We offer our clients turn-key busbar installations including all peripheral systems.

VESC technology makes superconductor busbars commercially favorable for e.g.

  • feeder systems of energy intensive large-scale industrial processes
  • high-current infrastructure improvement
  • high-efficiency microgrids
  • wind and solar farm grid designs saving multiple current converter deployment
  • mid- and longer-distance grid link-ups of wind and solar farms
  • distribution and transmission grid refurbishment and expansion at substantially reduced construction effort
  • data center feeder systems affording lower power conversion and climatization losses
  • feeder systems for e-vehicle charging points
  • feeder systems for electric ship propulsion

With our team of research, engineering, and implementation experts we manage superconducting busbar projects end-to-end. Experienced VESC specialists take responsibility throughout–from system design and assembly to onsite installation and commissioning. We also offer our clients customized full-service solutions including system operation monitoring and maintenance.

Please feel free to talk with us about the advantages of superconducting feeder systems for your high-current devices.