ICE®LINK for Scientific Research Facilities
ICE®LINK current leads can be adapted to target temperatures of 4K or lower and furnished with connector equipment according to customers’ requirements. They are fully compatible with NbTi or Nb3Sn superconductor applications as well as YBCO or MgB2 systems intended for operation at extreme cryogenic temperatures.

The ICE®LINK design affords easy applicability in diverse plant environments since a single compact size unit houses both current path and cryosystem. Scientific superconductor applications no longer require dedicated current lead engineering and operating expenses are reduced by ICE®LINK’s energy efficient multi-stage cryosystem. The industry-proven refrigeration equipment offers low maintenance requirements, excellent reliability and long MTTF-intervals. Maintenance-related downtime of superconductor applications is thus significantly reduced and ICE®LINK also affords lower capital expenditure for cryogenic equipment, particularly if redundant cryocooling must be provided.