Superconducting High-current Systems

Superconductor High-current Systems: ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE

Vision Electric Super Conductors (VESC) specializes in manufacturing and construction of superconductor-based high-current systems for applications in industry, power grids and science.

ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE are turn-key devices for practically loss-free transport of high-current power at low or medium voltage levels. The systems can be designed for direct or alternate currents ranging from 10 kA to over 200 kA and facilitate efficient energy transmission over any given distance.

Transmission of power is effected by means of one or more superconducting units. Standardized current leads  connect the superconductor system to the normal conducting power grid infrastructure. We provide turn-key superconducting systems complete with both the cryogenic equipment and measurement and control devices.

ICE®BAR systems are designed for industrial applications such as

  • large-scale electrolysis, graphitization, and electric steel plants
  • data centers and telecommunication facilities
  • feeders for e-mobility systems
  • generator busbars for power stations


ICE®CABLE systems offer substantial advantages for

  • power distribution networks
  • isolated networks and microgrids
  • grid connection feeders of wind farms and solar parks
  • energy storage with battery, fuel cell, or power-to-gas Systems

ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE set benchmarks in terms of material economy, energy efficiency, and the overall economy of energy transmission. The systems’ power carrying capacities surpass the ratings of conventional busbars by several orders of magnitude. Further characteristics of ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE are

  • zero voltage drop over length of busbar system
  • electric potential not moving on alternating operating currents
  • low operating costs
  • system dimension and weight reduced by orders of magnitude
  • no heat emissions
  • no external magnetic fields (appropriate system design provided)
  • comprehensive workers’ protection owing to complete encapsulation
  • no fire load
  • full electric shielding

Superconducting ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE systems consist of compact, standardized modules. Unlike conventional busbars or cables they require little construction effort and floorspace for installation in new or existing plant environments. Moreover, expenses for health and safety protection are significantly reduced since the superconducting systems are fully encapsulated and decoupled from the ambiance. ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE enable technologically conclusive and economical solutions for challenging conditions such as

  • insufficient floor space for installing a conventional transmission system
  • excessive construction expense (e.g. tunneling or special foundations) for a conventional transmission system
  • temperature-sensitive environment demanding high-capacity cooling to control heat emissions of a conventional transmission system
  • substantial changes on premises conditional to upgrading capacity of a conventional transmission System

    ICE®BAR and ICE®CABLE make industrial-scale applications of high-current power technology both easier and more efficient.

    Building on decades of international experience in high-current busbar construction we have become the leading technology partner for superconducting high-current power transmission. Today, Vision Electric Super Conductors is your one-stop competence center for a full range of services from systems engineering and manufacturing to construction, commissioning, and operation control. Please contact us: We are looking forward to discussing your application.