ICE®CABLE for Grid-tying Renewable Energy Sources

Superconductor ICE®CABLE transmission systems solve a crucial problem of wind and solar park construction or repowering: In case no grid connection point is available nearby, more distant feed-in facilities can be used by deploying an ICE®CABLE system for economical loss free power Transmission.

ICE®CABLE technology is also convenient for energy park layouts that are aimed at the operating reserve market by combining renewable power generation and innovative energy storage Technology.

An ICE®CABLE high-capacity and low-voltage DC network can link up all the facility’s power generating units and energy storage devices while dispensing with costly tie-in converters for each individual system. Instead, a central transformer/converter can be placed at the connecting point to the AC power grid. ICE®CABLE energy park networks feature

  • easy integration of wind power and photovoltaic devices, power-to-gas systems, fuel cells, and battery or flywheel storage systems in a joint electricity network
  • loss-free power transmission to the grid connecting point
  • zero reactive power loss
  • greatly reduced converter losses
  • excellent applicability for energy parks which are capable of providing larger power quantities to the operating reserve market

Contact us about the technical and economic potentials of superconductor energy park networks. We can support you in evaluating specific projects in due consideration of the capacity, topology and feed-in situation of individual energy parks.