Power Plants

ICE®BAR Systems for Power Plants

Providing the link-up between generators and unit transformers places generator main leads among the most severely stressed technical components in any power plant. At generator voltages in the range of 20 kilovolts, self-cooling generator main leads regularly carry electric loads of up to 30 kiloamperes while current ratings of force-cooled systems can reach 50 kiloamperes. Operating conditions of this sort make varying heat loads the main cause for wear and deterioration of conventional generator main leads.

Power utilities can gain both technical benefits and an improved overall availability of power stations by deploying superconductor generator main leads in place of conventional busbar systems. Superconductor ICE®BAR systems Feature

  • current carrying capacities of up to 200 kiloamperes and beyond (depending on system design
  • zero ohmic resistance and zero heat loss in generator main leads
  • no thermal stress during operation and entailing wear and Deterioration
  • very high overload capacity of the superconductor System
  • touch-safety due to complete encapsulation and insulation of the transmission System
  • no external electromagnetic fields (depending on system design)
  • construction work facilitated by space-saving, low-weight, and modular design

Superconductor benefits become most evident if ICE®BAR are applied as long-distance generator main leads, e.g. in underground hydroelectric power plants.

Vision Electric Super Conductors provides ICE®BAR generator main leads as turn-key systems comprising the superconductor busbar and current leads for power transfer to and from the superconducting grid section plus the entire cryosystem and all measurement and control devices required.

Please contact us for detailed information on superconductor generator main lead applications.