Kaiserslautern, Germany
The City of Kaiserslautern is an industrial and university town in Germany’s south-western Federal Land of Rhineland-Palatinate. Situated just on the fringes of the Palatinate Forest nature park, the Barbarossa City offers excellent shopping facilities and a variegated urban life with its cinemas, museums, theatres, concerts and many festivities as well as the famous Betzenberg football stadium. For those going in for sports opportunities range from hiking and biking to swimming pools and golf links: more than 90 sport clubs offer a wide range of activities.

With the city’s educational institutions, parents can ensure very good schooling for each of their children. Vocational education and training facilities include the city’s Crafts Master School, its University of Applied Sciences and Kaiserslautern Technical University.

For first-time visitors we recommend a combined stroll around town and call at the “Twentyone” lounge bar and restaurant: situated on the twenty-first floor of the town hall building it offers a panoramic view of the entire city. Another place to look at is the 12th century imperial palace of Frederic Barbarossa at the city center. And why not spend the evening at the Palatinate Theatre, Kammgarn Cultural Centre, Fruchthalle concert building or…?

For detailed information, please look at www.kaiserslautern.de.