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Superconductor application is about to commence at an industrial scale. Vision Electric Super Conductors is a member of ivSupra, the association of industries and institutions in Germany’s superconductor technology cluster. With our partners, we work to take a leading role in engineering, producing, and commercializing superconductor materials and applications.
The Institute of Technical Physics (ITEP) is an organizational unit of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology within the Helmholtz Association. Superconductivity, cryogenics and their applications are among the institute’s major focus areas. ITEP activities are user- and application-oriented yet accompanied by fundamental research if required.  Workings are medium and long-term embedded in national co-operations, virtual institutes, EU-projects and co-operations with industrial partners.
The Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK), Dresden, Germany, is an independent research enterprise with the legal status of a non-profit limited liability company. ILK performs industry-related research, development, and technology transfer in the fields of air handling and refrigeration as well as related technologies such as cryogenics, cryophysics, and energy technology, etc.
Kaiserslautern University of Applies Sciences is a high-profile institution in applied research and development and academic qualification alike. The university’s history of engineering education goes back for more than 160 years.
Founded in 1970, Kaiserslautern Technical University is internationally respected for its research and teaching with top flight rankings in several categories.


Vision Electric develops, produces, installs, and sells individually manufactured busbar systems. Apart from customized solutions, the company offers an outstanding service as well as an excellent cost-performance ratio.

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The products of EMS range from expansion strips and fiber ribbons to customized solutions. You will find the reliable and high-quality components of EMS in all areas of electrical power technology.

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Vision Electric Super Conductors is a member of VDE, the association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany, in order to ensure a continuous transfer of up-to-date information and expertise.