Industry applications

ICE®BAR Systems for Industry

Industrial primary materials production and processing frequently require high-current DC power at low voltage levels. Feeder busbars linking production equipment to a transformer/rectifier unit bridge distances from several meters up to one kilometer and more. Despite the massive cross-sections of conventional copper or aluminum busbars, this kind of short range power transmission is characterized by considerable ohmic loss and corresponding cost.

Superconductor ICE®BAR busbars enable practically loss-free transmission of very high direct or alternating currents. Cost benefits increase with the quantity of power and distance of transmission. Cryo costs included, superconducting feeders offer superior economy for transporting currents of 10kA or above over distances of 30 meters plus x.

Applications of ICE®BAR busbars include

  • electrolyses (chlorine, zinc, copper)
  • aluminum smelters
  • graphitizations
  • electro steel plants
  • high-current applications in electrical industry

Furthermore, superconductor high-current systems are highly suitable for sites where conventional busbar installation is impeded by limited floorspace, difficult ground, or heat problems. Characteristic pros of ICE®BAR systems are

  • size and weight diminished by up to 95%
  • zero busbar heat emission
  • practically no external electromagnetic fields (depending on design)
  • fully encapsulated high-current conductors

Our experts are thoroughly acquainted with the requirements made on industrial busbar systems and implementation projects. We can provide comprehensive economic and technical evaluations for our clients’ superconductor busbar projects.