ICE®LINK for Industry and Power Grids
ICE®LINK current leads are highly applicable for superconductor-based industrial and power grid equipment. One compact and easy-to-install unit contains both the current path and its cryosystem. The standardized ICE®LINK design facilitates meeting specific requirements concerning current carrying capacity, target temperature and other parameters. The multi-stage cryogenerator is assembled from industrial grade parts and components in order to ensure commendable energy efficiency and reliability.

Lower Operating Expenses

  • low power consumption: ICE®LINK current leads are fitted with a multi-stage cryogenic system and cooling power transfer to the current path is largely liquid-based. The COP of the cryogenerator array is thus significantly improved.
  • low service requirements: industrial grade long-life cryocooling equipment facilitates monitoring and servicing ICE®LINK current leads in commercial applications.

Lower Capital Expenditure

  • no expenses for project-specific current lead engineering
  • ICE®LINK offers easy implementation in operative and projected plant environments
  • lower capital expenditure for cryogenerators, especially in redundant arrays
  • long system life cycle


Normal conducting high-current system:
Operating temperature 350K – 360K

 Stage 1: 360K > 240K      cryogenic COP 100%
Stage 2: 240K > 150K      cryogenic COP 33%
Stage 3: 150K > 77K        cryogenic COP 5-8%

 Superconducting high-current system
Operating temperature 77K

ICE®LINK current leads are universally deployable for industrial and power technology applications of YBCO and MgB2 high-current superconductors such as

  • busbar systems
  • electric generators / electric motors
  • E-mobility
  • primary materials industry
  • data centers
  • high field magnet systems
  • high-current power cables
  • power grid interconnections
  • fault current limiters