Data Centers and Telecommunication Facilities

ICE®BAR Systems for Data Centers and Telecommunication Facilities

ICE®BAR, the super conducting busbar system, can significantly enhance both the safety and overall economy of high-availability electrical power distribution in data centers and telecommunication facilities.

The connected loads of today’s large data processing centers are typically between 10 and 50 MW with power densities in the range of 5 kW per square meter of IT-space. For Germany, the Federal Ministry of Economy expects a 40 percent increase of IT related electrical loads until 2025 while heat loads are anticipated to rise by 54 percent. The disproportionate increase of heat loads is essentially due to conventional AC distribution grids in data centers and telecommunication facilities. Mounting fire loads and magnetic fields in the electrical installation are related problems. As a consequence, ramping up capacity in data processing facilities entails a rise of capital and operating expenditure that is clearly in excess of the productivity gains achieved.

Major benefits of ICE®BAR applications in data centers are

  • end-to-end DC power distribution from the uninterruptible power supply to input power transformers of data processing equipment
  • distribution grid structure simplified by abandoning several converter stages
  • converter losses and heat loads reduced by 10 to 15 percent
  • cooling power requirement decreased proportionally
  • lower fire loads
  • zero thermal emissions of superconducting power distribution
  • practically no external magnetic fields by superconducting power distribution
  • no reactive power losses in superconducting power distribution
  • zero voltage drop in superconductor power distribution (equipotentiality in N+1 installations)
  • less installation effort
  • better floorspace economy
  • easy retrofitting in existing plants

Please contact us. We are looking forward to discussing the technical and economic potentials of superconductor ICE®BAR applications in your data centers and telecommunication facilities.